It also only works when playing video i. A field consists of just the odd- or even-numbered lines of a frame. In most cases it is best to set the level for the PCM sound to max, leave this filter out and control the output level to your speakers with the master volume control of the mixer. The SDL driver can be made to make use of it -vo sdl: If you want to do that manually:. The orders listed below are those of AC-3 and are fairly typical; try them and see if your source matches. Request the number of playback channels default:

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mplayer(1): movie player – Linux man page

The nicest of them ojtput. The following keys are only valid if you compiled with TV or DVB input support and will take precedence over the keys defined above. Sign up using Facebook.

The first and most important step before you encode should be determining what type of content you are dealing with. Although it is not possible to exactly imitate a surround system, MPlayer ‘s HRTF filter does provide more spatially immersive audio in 2-channel headphones.

mplayer – movie player for linux

Audio stream option -oac copy: Mplayed information about what colorkey is used and how it is drawn run MPlayer with -v option and look out for the lines tagged with [xv common] at the beginning. Gamma can also be set independently for red, green and blue. The movie has a resolution of x Note that this will enable a few special settings to get into a special driver kplayer. You can find out which modes survive with the X11 log file.

Pairs of numbers between 0 and 7 that define where to route each channel. Note that Xvid is not necessary to decode Xvid-encoded video. Kplayer audio cards create audio chunks about 0.

Enables the specified chain of postprocessing subfilters. Enables caching for the stream used by -audiofile, using the specified amount of memory. If this option is omitted, gain control will not be modified. On PowerPC, use 4. Suppose you have two beamers.

History (boring)

You probably have to specify -monitorpixelaspect. Do not parse selected configuration files. And now we have to decide what to do with the subwoofer, e. Would add a sub-woofer channel with a cutoff frequency of Hz to output channel 4.

This has been the case for all MPlayer versions, but unfortunately this fact was not well documented earlier, and some people have even misguidedly recommended use of -playlist with untrusted sources.

Subtitle pages also known as Closed Captions are supported, too.

Some Toshiba drives need this for getting track boundaries correct. Use together with the scale filter for a real conversion.

Percentage of stride to overlap.

When the next frame is ready, the graphics chip is just told the location in memory of the new frame and simply fetches the data to be displayed from there.

One way to do that is to remove the troublesome script: Specify delay in seconds before switching to next channel default: The -vobsubid option is like -sid for DVDs, you can choose between subtitle tracks languages with it. The solution is to use:.

They exist as distinct values for legacy reasons, MPlayer now inserts the extra instructions for gamma control on-demand. Here is a list of common types of source material, where you are likely to find them, and their properties:.

Set up optimal scaling for DVB cards, scaling the x axis in hardware and calculating the y axis scaling in software to keep aspect.