My biggest wish for RHEL 8 is actually fwupd support for common server hardware. I can confirm, this works on Fedora 25, Arch Linux and Manjaro. Or I might get Das Keyboard! Originally Posted by Guinioul. Any issues can be reported here. This is on a 4. Ubuntu subscribe unsubscribe 98, readers users here now Ubuntu Desktop online tour The Ubuntu community on Reddit This subreddit is for news, information and general discussion related to Ubuntu.

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Have you tried removing the other devices, just for testing purposes? The main manufacturer of these devices is Logitech, but the hardware is also supplied to other OEMs such as Amazon, Microsoft, Lenovo and Dell where they are re-badged or renamed.

One might think the receiver is merely a plain nano-receiver, but running lsusb shows differently:. There is no visual indication of this on the keyboard, they say due to power concerns, and AFAIK there is also no software event that notifies the host of the mode.

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I can get really long battery life! I actually purchased one and opened it in the store parking lot, read the part in the accompanying documentation that Mac OS X and Linux are not supported.

Unifying Receiver Otherwise, worked fine. It installed ltunify, it dragged in the unifying-receiver-udev dependency, I restarted fwupd and then it somehow worked, or seemed to have already worked.

A Unifying receiver allows you to connect multiple compatible keyboards and mice to a laptop or desktop computer with a single USB receiver. Can you update appstream-glib possibly to the llogitech in f26…reboot and try again? Is the multitouch of the touchpad natively working on ubuntu? No horizontal scrolling is supported by this device.

Updating Logitech Hardware on Linux

Become logutech Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. However, very often, when using the touchpad the cursor freezes for a second and then jumps to a different position and freezes again and jumps again, making it uncontrolable. Gonzalo 66 1 2 8.

Members are distinguished by a small Ubuntu logo next to their names, Canonical employees by a purple “O”, a portion of Canonical’s logo.

[ubuntu] How to change settings of a Logitech K keyboard?

If you have a spare usb olgitech you can install Windows 10 on it using Windows To Go mode via Rufus and then update without having to find another Windows system with a OneLink port. I would like to, at the very least, turn off tap-to-click and up the CPI of the trackpad. FIXME s out, detailed comments in. I am also seeing ubuhtu problem with the d: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Anna October 3, at They even sent me some of the affected hardware, and gave me access to the engineering team that was dealing with this issue.

What are good wireless keyboards compatible with Ubuntu? : Ubuntu

The Logitech website ybuntu specify it supports MS Windows. Join Date Aug Beans 3. It’s been a nightmare. I’ve used several bluetooth keyboards on several ubuntu computers, over several generations The kubuntu cosmic- desktop- amd However, fwupdmgr update reports No devices can be updated: Not a feature release.

As you can see, we seem to have somewhat similar info on the wireless keyboard. I plan to buy this keyboard for my htpc. This seems very very bad. I use this as well for my HTPC in combination with the magic trackpad.