Hey guys the new power supply did the trick. Posted by Tim at Aug 09, Lacie has thoroughly earned my contempt at this point, and I wouldn’t trust their drives further than a chipmunk could throw one I’m going to replace the supply, but this got me back to work for at least a few hours this evening. Was thinking I’d try to find an enclosure but need some guidance. It was running ok so i ASSumed it was ok. And the drive meant a lot to me.

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Should the old harddrive just appear under the 5Big explorer? I’ll be damned, its coming from the power adapter.

I too had my Lacie 1T fail to mount. Against Not as speedy as expected. Is there anything else I should do to get the old drive mounted to the 5Big and access my files? Posted by Matt at Mar 03, The FireWire port is a handy addition if you want to use the drive on an older Mac system. LaCie Posted by girlgonehigh at Aug 19, I’m looking for exactly the same, same Lacie, want 2 separate drives.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme 1 TB USB 2.0/firewire 400/firewire 800 Desktop External Hard Drive 301199u

External Hard Drive Model: The Big Disk comes with a bolt-on stand that enables the drive to be used in an upright position. After a couple minutes I dropped the other drive in it and now both sounded as if they were doing something. Thanks for this thread – two gb LaCie externals – one power supply died a few weeks ago, probably taken out by power cut. This post seems to have become the LaCie power supply support group: Boot the computer from the Ubuntu CD, you biig have to install anything, all “installations” will be done in memory only and lost after reboot.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme Failure.. Yes another one..

All the classic symptoms mentioned above. Two ports and one FireWire port mean you’ll have to daisychain accordingly. There are days when you just have to say, “I fuckin’ love the internets!! James Meagher at Mar 10, I popped out both drives and plugged it in which allowed the unit to stay powered on.

Lacie Big Disk Extreme with Triple Interface Drivers Download – Update Lacie Software

After 3 replacements I hot wired a normal computer PSU to run without a motherboard and cut the end off the Lacie box and wired it to the old computer power supply the voltages and pinouts are on the lacie PSU sticker.

Posted by Jmat at Feb 02, Sign up using Email and Password. The Lacie was a network drive, though, so I don’t know if it’s easy to get a replacement enclosure that will also let it lacid on the network. I went into the dashboard and, while under the Drive Widget it still reports 1. Posted by Jake at Aug 09, Then her power adapter broke and we ordered a replacement, and the damn thing started charging and working like a normal laptop.

Long story short, they sent me a new PSU.

Would a good keyword for this be JBOD? Those without the tools could twist well and tape, though soldering is recommended.

Thank you – big time! Any comments and feedbac will be appreciated. Ethernet Big Disk has one drive in it, the 2tb have two 2maybe voltage is low. Posted by Tim at Aug 09, I left the units transferring and came back